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Time Line

The Journey so far

From friends to ideators to entrepreneurs, a journey that wasn't until early 2015. The urge to be different and contribute our intellectual capital to the community spurred this idea into a venture. A collaboration that was serious enough was energised by the TiE award of INR 1.5 million. The belief of the investing community, coupled with the enthusiasm and dynamism of the team, the tough journey of making the idea and dream fructify into reality. Vehito was born, and now slowly but surely the auto community is noticing the work and also using the tool. With every passing day, we realise more and more needs to done and we are committed to every need of the consumers and the automotive industry.

News & Events

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App-based vehicle services aggregator Vehito raises seed round

Presentations by SMEs and Startups

The Way Forward

The hard part for a startup – acquiring users! A good idea is good enough when it is still an idea, selling the idea to the end-user is the real challenge. From the very first user, and of course 'his valid' suggestions, a new journey of meeting expectations begins. We realise there’s no room for complacency, and engineering is a never-ending development process. So far, we’ve created milestones and developed the wishlist features and updates, both big and small. The best part, though, is that our user community also helps us out. We are enjoying our journey and will continue to trudge on.

  • Expansion in other Cities in the country Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Coimbatore, Mysore, Delhi, Mumbai

  • Provide additional features on the app to facilitate the Cab and tourist companies to record transactions and track the performance.

  • Analytics to optimize the time for delivery of spare parts, inventory management and performance patterns of all Vehito users. Provide Analytics and focussed reports to auto and OEM manufacturers

  • QR code and E- wallet which stores the performance and service history of the Vehicle

  • Online Services on B2C platform for Insurances, Integration with Other portals for sale of used cars.

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